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Efficiency and Showers

Most people agree that it uses less water to take a shower than a bath, although that is often not the case if you have a power shower. Even so, a shower does use a great deal of water and, as a large number of people shower every day, a water saving shower head could you save a lot of water and money! The term water saving shower head can actually mean a few different things but all the alternatives will save water.

An aerated water saving shower head will restrict the water flow therefore using less water during your shower. These are not suitable for electric showers, however, but are available from most DIY or plumbing stores. It would be worth discussing the options with the salesperson at your chosen store to ensure that you don’t end up with a very weak shower which would probably only result in you spending twice as long in there anyway!

Instead, a different type of water saving shower head simply reduces the flow rate, or, finally, the alternative to a water saving shower head such as these is to fit flow restrictor to the flexible hose of the shower head. These are suitable for showers with mains pressure and not electric showers.

Bear in mind that a conventional shower uses about 35 litres of water so reducing this by even, say, 10%, would save almost 1300 litres of water a year if you showered daily. By spending a relatively small amount on some form of water saving shower head you could make massive water savings, and reducing the length of time you spend in the shower will also make a real difference.

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