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Terms & Conditions



The terms you and the client refer to the person or entity, business/company who is giving permission to SW
London Plumbing LTD to carry out works. The terms we, our, and us refer to SW London Plumbing LTD and any of our
representatives. Please ensure you read these terms before using our services. By making a booking or using
our services, you are agreeing to these terms.

The way we charge:



Our regular weekday working hours hourly rate is £85.00 per hour plus vat. The first hour is always
charged in full, and thereafter time spent will be charged in 20-minute increments. This covers a 24 hour period,
for example, if we have to return the following day to finish off work or complete something that was not possible
to be completed on the original visit, the first hour of the second visit is also charged in full. Exceptions will be
made on a case by case basis, but this is a decision that will solely be made by us. Please visit our website for
further information including our after-hours and weekend rates as these are different and are subject to change.
Unless an official quote is issued to you, all investigations and any work carried out is charged by the hour.

Material Collection

The collection of non-stock items is chargeable.
Time taken will be kept to a minimum and should not exceed 60 minutes per 24 hour period charged at the rate
appropriate depending on the time and day. Discretion will be applied and often we will only charge 30 mins collection time. For any out of hours works, full time will be charged for materials
collection. Only one tradesperson is permitted to leave the job to collect the required materials/parts.

Multiple operatives: Our rates apply per person, therefore if there are two operatives required on-site, you will be
informed of this and we will charge for them accordingly. Example if two plumbers are required for 1 hour on a
Monday at 8am, then two hours would be charged at £85.00 per hour plus VAT each which would total £204.00
inc VAT with no materials.

Rubble disposal is never included unless specified in writing.

Painting and decoration is never included unless specified in writing and this specifically includes following intrusive investigations and works that involve removing access hatches, bath panels and anything else of this and other nature.

Intrusive investigations will involve damage and repair and is never included unless specified in writing. A single
example would be damage to the aesthetic of a bath panel after removing it to investigate a leak under the bath,
or to cut a ceiling open to investigate water dripping through a light fitting. This is one example but not the only
situation damage may occur.

Unless you receive a formal quotation from us, all works including investigative works will be chargeable by the
appropriate hourly rate advertised on the website www.swlondonplumbing.co.uk

How we work

We start charging (start our timer) as soon as we arrive on-site and knock on your door- we then
assess-investigate-get tools from the van- discuss what work is involved verbally with the client if we deem it
necessary to do so and if they are present-get materials from the van or a local supplier if necessary- return to the site
and carry out the works-the timer is then stopped -and if the bill payer is present we will ask for a signature.

Arrival time

We will always endeavor to get to you within the agreed arrival window we offer you, however, we
do not guarantee this as periodically there can be reasons we are unable to attend and in this instance, we will
always offer you the next available slot we have and you will be charged at the rate you should have paid at the
time of the original booking. Example, if we fail to arrive on a Friday morning between 8-1 pm arrival window
charged at £85.00 per hour plus VAT and we offer you a Saturday morning arrival instead, you will not be
charged at the weekend surcharge rate, but at the regular weekday rate.

Key collection

If we are required to collect keys to access a property on your behalf, we will start the timer and
begin to charge you from the moment we arrived at the location where the keys are held, for example, at the
estate agents office, and keep the timer running from this time until the work has been either complete or has
entered into a status that nothing further can be done until further agreement and or instruction has been granted
to us from the client.

Absentee owners

If there is no one at the property to authorize works to proceed and we deem the situation one
that is essential that we have further written instructions and approval for, we reserve the right to charge for the
time spent on site and to abort the works until we have the instruction we deem sufficient

Payment terms

Unless you have written confirmation from Daniel Fitzgerald, the Director of SW London
Plumbing LTD, payment is due in full upon satisfactory completion of the works on the day the invoice is issued
to you. Quoted works terms are different and will be issued to you if we agree to carry out works for you on this

Data Protection

Warranty calls

These will be attended to as quickly as possible and within normal working hours between 8 am –
5 pm Monday to Friday subject to availability.